Rewiring a property can be time-consuming, expensive and disruptive. But it can also be essential, bring peace of mind and improve value. Knowing your electrics are safe is invaluable.

Faulty or old wiring can trip an electrical system, blow fuses and even lead to electric shocks. Your appliances can be ruined and your family endangered. Faulty wiring carries the risk of house fire which is at best inconvenient and at worst can be deadly.

But how will you recognise the signs that you need a rewire?

Having a property assessed by a qualified and certified electrician is essential to evaluate the requirement for rewiring. But learning the warning signs can help you to know when such a rewire may be required and to plan accordingly.

Signs that your property may require rewiring include the following:

– receiving small shocks from switches and outlets
– lights flickering or dimming
– bulbs burning out frequently
– exposed electrical wires or cables
– damaged electrical wires or cables
– having an older home (30 to 40 years or more) which hasn’t been inspected for several years
– cabling made with dated fabric, rubber or lead insulation (as compared to modern PVC coated cabling)
– consumer unit with cast iron switches and/or wooden backing
– electric cabling without labelling
– breakers tripping
– aluminium wiring
– hot or discoloured cords, plugs or plates
– burning smell
– sparks when plugging or unplugging a device
– if you’re lacking in sockets and use extension cords to plug in devices
– buzzing or crackling noises

Rewiring a property can take up to four weeks. It involves replacing all electrical cable and often also installing a new central control unit. The wiring in your fuse box will also be replaced with modern electrical cabling. New cabling is fitted into floorboards and walls and sockets and switches may be replaced and/or added as required. Light fittings, telephone connections and TV sockets will be replaced. This might sound extensive, but it can be worth it, especially if you are looking to put your property on the market. Rewiring is also a great time to install any desired smart technology.

The most important consideration when rewiring is to be sure to use a qualified electrician who will update your systems in accordance with all applicable legislation and building standards. To find out more, speak to us at Customcall today.

Photo: Switch by lamdogjunkie licensed under Creative commons 4