From lighting schemes and wiring to fuse board upgrades, there are a number of reasons why a homeowner might need to hire a domestic electrician. However, before they do so, they are likely to ask you some important questions. A clear explanation of the work, how much it will cost, and what could go wrong if it’s not done correctly could help residential clients understand why it’s worth parting with their cash.

1. What’s the problem?

You’re the expert, but remember that your client may not have a clue what it is you’re talking about. Avoid jargon and keep explanations short and clear. What would you tell a ten-year-old? Explain why a job needs doing, and what will happen if it’s not done. Focus on the benefits of doing the work and the potential consequences of a do-nothing, pay-nothing approach to persuade domestic clients of your value.

2. How much will it cost?

None of us wants to spend money if we don’t have to. Price labels in shops are there for a reason. A quick quote gives your client the right information to decide if a job is affordable for them. It’s a fine balance between getting all the information you need to provide a fair estimate and keeping a busy client waiting, but providing a fast quote helps the client know what to expect.

3. When will the job start and end?

Time is money, and that applies to your clients. Can they get back to work for the second half of their working day, or do they need to arrange for days off? No one wants to be kept hanging around or be unsure how long they need to be available in their home. When are you arriving, an estimate of how long you’ll need to assess or do a job, and how to get in touch if plans change is key information to help everyone plan ahead and stay friendly.

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