The lifespan of both commercial and domestic electrical wiring systems can extend through 5-6 decades, in some cases even longer. However, there is no definite number of years for how long an electrical wiring installation should last. It depends on the use, environment, care, and maintenance. Below are five tips on how to extend the useful lifespan of your entire wiring infrastructure.

1. Replace outdated components

Do away with old worn-out wiring components and revitalise and modernise your electrical system. These may be last-gen breakers, meters, relays or switchboards. Old parts are inefficient, unreliable, and could even jeopardise the safety and performance of the entire system.

2. Run regular inspections

Make a habit of running routine checks on your electrical system to ensure it’s always in good health. Have an experienced electrician examine the physical state and performance specs of the wires and other components. Doing this at least once a year or every couple of months will help you identify and resolve minor flaws before they become a problem.

3. Use tested and certified appliances

Don’t plug in low-quality appliances and electrical equipment into the mains. Untested, uncertified, and poorly designed products are a costly risk not only to the wiring but also to the building and its occupants. Always purchase and use appliances from credible electrical manufacturers and distributors.

4. Avoid overloading

Overloading is a common problem found in homes, workplaces, and industries. Without active protection, overloading can lead to catastrophic damage to the electrical system. Always check the power rating on every appliance before plugging it to your outlets; make sure that your system can handle the extra load.

5. Never try any DIY fixes

If you’re not a qualified electrician, never attempt any repairs or installations on your electrical system. Always get a trained and certified electrician to work on your wiring. Without the proper knowledge of electrical systems, you might do more harm than good.

Bottom line

An electrical system is a vital and costly investment. So, you want it to serve you reliably for years and years. The only way to continue enjoying a glitch-free electrical system is to take good care of it. Avoid misusing the system, follow basic guidelines, and carry out periodic repairs and maintenance.

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