If you are involved in electrical troubleshooting, whether on a commercial or domestic basis, here is news of a new piece of kit that will make your job so much easier.

Fluke, the leading test and measurement tool manufacturer, have recently announced the arrival of their new TiS20+ entry-level thermal imaging camera. It is the perfect assistant for electricians who get involved with troubleshooting electrical problems in general wiring, and HVACR (heating ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration).

Combining infrared and visible imagery

This new gadget employs infra-red fusion technology. In other words, it combines infrared and visible imagery to help you to locate the exact position of an electrical fault. It is perfect for use in public and listed buildings as it minimises any disruption that might otherwise take place when tracing the source of an electrical issue.

The TiS20 is a handheld tool that brings the advantages of thermal imaging to the aid of electricians. It has been created to make fault finding a quicker and easier process.

Fingertip adjustment

In the science of thermography, it is context that is important. The new Fluke TiS20 works by overlaying a thermal image onto a visual light image to provide the user with a complete picture of where the problem lies. You can adjust the intensity of the infra-red just by swiping your fingertip across the screen.

Whatever the problem is – trying to locate an unbalanced load on switchgear or carrying out an inspection on a ventilation system; the Fluke handheld infra-red camera will enable you to locate any fault so much faster.

Making use of Fluke Connect software

The new Fluke device also works with Fluke Connect software. This means you can share data with others in real-time via your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or upload to the cloud. The software that Fluke Connect uses will enable you to produce professional reports in a fraction of the time it would take to do the job manually.

Another handy benefit of the Fluke Connect software is organising and sorting images. All you have to do is to scan a QR barcode next to each image. Sorting by asset is then done automatically, freeing you to spend time analysing and fixing rather than sorting through images one by one.

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