Whether you’re finally renovating your family home or you’re a manager overseeing a commercial building project, such as a care home, it’s essential that you understand the options that are available to you during the building process. When you’re choosing the fittings for a kitchen or bathroom, there are numerous types of appliances on the market that are powered in different ways. In particular, electrical appliances offer some crucial benefits and it’s important to know about these features in order to make the best decision during your renovation.

Warming the property with electric radiators

This is often one of the most popular topics when it comes to electrical wiring in properties, the heating. Electrical radiators can be a significant asset to your home or project for several reasons. Firstly, this option allows for greater energy efficiency as all electricity used to power an electric radiator is turned into heat. In a time when people are often concerned about high energy costs, this factor is an important one.

An electric radiator is also relatively easy to install and can be wired up to existing points of power if they have already been installed in the property. Therefore, if your building project is time-sensitive then this can be an excellent option.

The perks of opting for an electric oven

During the process of renovating a property, there are endless decisions that you have to make about fittings. For instance, you might be refurbishing a block of flats and have to decide whether to install a gas or electric oven. In this case, it’s important to know that electrical ovens can be far more economical if the alternative involves installing a gas line.

In fact, electric ovens are usually much more affordable to purchase than their gas counterparts. Crucially, electric ovens also offer a flexible and easy to use option as they are always ready to be used and the degree of heat on the hobs can be customised very precisely.

Creating the ultimate efficiency in bathrooms

Both domestic and commercial renovations, such as hotels, have to opt for a specific type of shower at some point during the process. The main draw of the electric shower is that it provides hot water at any time of the day, which is particularly useful in these kinds of commercial properties. Electric showers are also energy efficient, like electric radiators, and are able to bypass any issues that public and listed buildings might have with low water pressure by operating straight off the mains cold water supply.

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