Electrical work can often seem like a simple task of connecting wires, while in reality, it entails a high-risk environment for electricians. Safety is, therefore, critical in the electrical field, without which, a simple wiring procedure can turn to a fatality. Whether you are an experienced or a newly qualified electrician, below are some safety tips that you can use to protect yourself from electrical hazards.

Wear the proper PPE

Having the right gear while performing any electrical work is vital. Working in commercial and industrial buildings means exposure to live electrical equipment, elements that pause severe hazards to your well-being. To keep safe, always have appropriate equipment such as flame-resistant clothing, non-conductive gloves, goggles, and hats. Ensure that your shoes also have insulated soles and always avoid loose-fitting clothes. Make it a point to leave any metallic rings and accessories at home.

Use effective lockout and tag-out procedures

You probably know the risk that comes with contacting an electrical current, one that could cost you your life. Whether you are working on a commercial building or doing repairs for a domestic client, first lockout and tag out all machines. Do this also on any circuits that you may come across during your work. Remember to also shut off the primary and secondary sources of power in your intended area of work to avoid any electrical currents. Lastly, ensure that all equipment is de-energised.

Adopt safe work practices

Safe work practices refer to safety procedures and guidelines that you can use whilst working with electrical equipment. These include handling electrical appliances with dry hands and grounding all electrical equipment to reduce any incidences of electrocution. For added safety, use cords and equipment that can handle the voltage that you intend on using. These practices should not just apply to public and listed buildings, but also domestic buildings during any rewiring or replacements. Additionally, ensure that you use the proper wiring that can handle the electrical current.

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