PPE, or personal protective equipment, refers to items that are worn by workers to ensure that they receive protection from known hazards and dangers. PPE will vary depending upon the task being performed, but there are certain PPE items that are essential for electricians for almost every job that they engage in. Not only will PPE help to guarantee you are as safe as possible, but many sites won’t allow you to work unless you have the correct PPE, so it’s always best to make sure you have the following items with you during your electrical work.

1. Insulating gloves

Electricians work with their hands and these are the body parts will come in contact with live electrical connections. Insulating gloves will stop any live connections from running into your body and electrocuting you, and thus are essential for any work on site. Even if you have been told that the electrics are off, its still wise to wear gloves, just in case that someone hasn’t shut the electricity off properly, someone accidently turns it back on, or there is any charge left in the items you’re working with.

2. Hard hats

Many building sites will have working being conducted overhead, making it essential for all people on site to wear a hard hat. Some companies will have spares for visitors, but it’s always best to carry your own just in case there isn’t one available. Some builders will dismiss wearing hard hats, but this will invalidate many insurance policies, as well as putting themselves at risk, so always wear one if the site risk assessment says you should.

3. Hi-vis jackets

Another item that is often overlooked, hi-vis jackets make you instantly noticeable. If your site is busy then a high-vis will help you stand out, and help people carrying items to avoid you. This is especially relevant for any electricians working in tight or low areas, as your body may be hunched over and difficult to see. High-vis is also often a requirement of most building sites, so always bring your own. You can even brand it with your company name and number for extra promotion!

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