Electrical wiring is an essential aspect of how you use your commercial building, yet many building owners and occupants are guilty of neglecting essential maintenance and updates. For the sake of safety and efficiency, it’s essential your commercial building’s electrical systems are up to date.

But how often should they be replaced?

No easy answer

As with most things, there’s no simple answer to that question. Electrical systems can vary greatly from building to building, and the quality of installation can differ depending on who wired the system. Similarly, no two commercial buildings have the same electrical requirements, meaning there’s no “standard load” to use to make a calculation about when it’s time to replace the system.

So how do you know it’s time to replace? Looking for telltale signs such as lights flickering, regular breaker tripping or fuse blowouts, or even staining around electrical outlets indicating power surges can help. In many cases, once a building reaches thirty years old, insurers request proof of the electrical system being updated and modernised.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t remember when your commercial building’s electrical system was updated and modernised, or you don’t have proof of a previous owner/tenant doing it, it’s time to contact a specialist.

Who do you trust?

Electrical systems require an experienced, professional touch. So you need to contact a specialist who has demonstrable experience dealing with a range of commercial electrical systems.

Quality of service and versatility is essential, as is the willingness to develop an ongoing relationship. At Customcall, for example, we foster lasting working relationships with our clients. This allows us to implement modernising upgrades as and when they’re required, maximising affordability and efficiency.

When the time comes for replacing electrical systems, that working relationship allows us the inside knowledge required to complete the job quickly and with the minimum of disruption. It also lets us tailor the upgrades we suggest in line with what we learn about our clients’ needs.

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If your commercial building needs electrical updating, anything from a quick rewire to a comprehensive overhaul, contact Customcall for a quote today.

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