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If you want to modernise and refresh the electrics on a listed or public building – bringing them up to code while keeping a close eye on a budget – contact Customcall. Our friendly, experienced team of professional electricians are waiting to help you.

Modernising tired electrical systems

Public and listed buildings can be beautiful – there are certainly plenty throughout Yorkshire to admire. While the architecture is stunning, the electrical systems can often be an absolute nightmare. Many public and listed buildings don’t get their electrics refreshed and modernised on a regular basis.

Why is this? It can depend on a number of reasons. Cash-conscious public institutions and owners may be put off even enquiring about an electrical overhaul due to the perceived cost. Similarly, the sheer complexity of some older and antiquated electrical systems can put off even seasoned electricians.

The issue is, of course, that as electrical systems get older, they become much more prone to malfunction. A public or listed building could easily end up in flames, as a result of an out of date electrical system. And as for the risk to human safety – it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Except you need to think about it! Fortunately, Customcall is here to help you.

Why reach out to Customcall?

Simple – because we offer superior service at affordable rates. Our friendly and professional team has been building our experience for the last two-plus decades we’ve been in business. Over that time we’ve had the great pleasure to work on a number of historically important buildings, throughout the whole of Yorkshire.

The electrical systems of public and listed buildings require a considered and experienced approach. Not only do you need an understanding of older electrical systems, you need a sound knowledge of electrics in general. This is where Customcall excels – our electricians are NICEIC and Part P registered, for your peace of mind.

That, however, is only the foundation of our service. Our true strengths lie in our ability to create solutions to the specific issues presented by your public or listed building. Many of these buildings were designed and created to be entirely unique – this means the modernising of their electrical system needs the same care and attention.

Keeping costs low

Frightened of free-wheeling costs? You needn’t be when you work with Customcall. We understand how important it is to ensure our work is as affordable as possible. It’s a point of pride for our electrical specialists that despite our low prices, quality is never sacrificed.

We cover the whole Yorkshire area and would love to hear from you if your public or listed building is in need of a modernised, improved, and utterly reliable electrical system.

Contact Customcall for your quote today.

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