The world is facing a climate crisis. There’s an urgent need to move away from the carbon-based fuels that have brought the situation about to greener technologies. Electricity is increasingly being generated from renewables. With the expansion of offshore wind, the UK now regularly experiences days where it is completely self-reliant from renewable energy. As individuals, we’re being encouraged to ditch the old technologies we use in our daily lives for newer climate-friendly solutions. From cars and solar generation to electrical heating systems, the future for humanity is increasingly green and electric.

Electrical engineers have led innovation

Since 2005, the demand for electricity in the UK has fallen as a result of technological innovation. Washing machines, tumble dryers, TVs, vacuum cleaners, and street lighting have become more efficient. Driving this change has been electrical engineers. Not only have they been involved with the research that has created greener appliances, they’ve also been introducing commercial and domestic clients to new products.

Big changes ahead for how we get about

Railways across the developed world are slowly being electrified. This process is likely to gather pace over the next decade. Electric planes, once something of a pipe-dream, are now looking more viable. In fact, the whole transport system will need to be de-carbonised. In practical terms, this means every form of transport will need to be powered by electricity from a renewable source.

Changes in the home

The government is committed to changing our gas-fired domestic heating systems to electric ones. Historically, this has been a more expensive choice for the consumer but with the development of heat pumps, that’s likely to change. They work like refrigerators, using electricity to move heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. It’s an efficient way to heat the average home and its installation and maintenance are going to require electricians.

If the UK is going to meet its climate change targets, it’s going to need to train more electrical contractors. The coming decades are going to be exciting ones for the industry.