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Customcall Scarborough Ltd. provides fast, professional and efficient electrical services for all households in Yorkshire. We are a highly reputed electrical company with over 20 years providing proven electrical excellence throughout Yorkshire, genuinely committed to quality workmanship and with a broad practical expertise in the industry. That’s why you can trust us to deliver quality electrical services that exceed your expectations. Besides, our electricians are highly qualified and committed to ensuring that every task is accomplished with the utmost care and that every service meets the highest standard of quality. To guarantee our professionalism, we are NICEIC Members, Part P registered, inspected once per year by NIC and tested for competency. Our competitively priced contracts cover the following services:

Domestic electrical services

Our domestic electrical services cover a host of services ranging from fuse board upgrading to designing lighting schemes and wiring. In addition, we install and repair a wide range of appliances such as consumer units, circuit breakers, fire alarms, and smoke detectors. To refresh the appearance of your home, we provide outdoor lighting fixtures and also install outdoor sockets that are perfectly designed to give you safe, maximum use of your outdoor space.

Electrical system installation and wiring services

From initial site assessment to post-installation verification, our electrical system installation services are designed to take your home to the highest level of safety and efficiency. Our multi-skilled and highly experienced electricians can handle electrical installation needs in any home, from single rooms and apartments to multi-occupancy units all at the most competitive prices. With an unwavering dedication to every project, we will get involved in every stage of installation to ensure a super quality and flawless system. We also understand that faulty wiring puts your home at risk and that is why our wiring services are aimed at enhancing overall safety, improving efficiency and increasing service capacity.

Electrical inspections

We understand that your home is your safe sanctuary and that is why our electrical inspection aims at identifying and addressing any safety hazard that could be a potential cause of accidental electrocutions. From damaged sockets and light switches to scorch marks and broken cables, our electrical inspection will pinpoint any defect in your electrical system. As such, you can rely on our expertise to give you the most accurate details about your home’s safety by the time we complete the inspection.

Our business is built on a high standard of work, and our services are competitively priced and designed to give the most benefits to our customers. We also aspire to offer you the best and your satisfaction is what we take pride in. Email us today for the highest standard of quality, efficiency, and safety.

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