CCTV coverage is an essential investment for any business – whether it’s in a general commercial or industrial setting, CCTV forms the basis of any watertight security system. If your business doesn’t have CCTV cover, or it could do with upgrading and modernising, it’s time to contact an electrical specialist today.


So what’s the fuss about CCTV? The simple answer is that for a comparatively small investment, you as a business get to experience a number of benefits in both security and safety.

First, it has been said multiple times by former thieves, that in many cases the presence of a CCTV camera alone was enough to deter them from attempting to gain entry. Why put yourself at risk, when you can so easily mitigate the risk of the crime happening in the first place? The same is true for other forms of crime such as vandalism and trespassing – the presence of a CCTV camera can drastically minimise their occurrence.

If there happens to be an accident in, on, or surrounding your business, CCTV can also help offer valuable assistance in determining what exactly happened and who was at fault. This is especially useful if you have other employees. Should a crime or accident get to court, CCTV footage can be invaluable evidence.

Your unique security system

It’s important to remember that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to security, and CCTV camera systems are a part of that. The right system for you will need to take into account the specifics of your business – namely your location, and the way your premises is laid out.

Systems range in complexity depending on the budget you have to work with. It’s always worth making more of an investment in security systems such as CCTV, however, as the potential losses from crime or accidental damage can be potentially much more costly. Whether your business is large or small, CCTV cover is something you should be strongly considering.

For a bespoke CCTV camera system installation, or help upgrading your current installation, reach out to the electrical experts at Customcall today for a quote.

Photo: cctv by Rafael Parrsie licensed under Creative commons 4