Here at Customcall, we are proud to be considered Yorkshire’s number one provider of electrical, domestic and commercial contractors. With happy customers across Yorkshire – from Rotherham to Manchester – we provide expert service and never compromise on quality. In 2019, Customcall is working to give back to the generous communities that have supported us over the years.

Our expert work has taken us all across Yorkshire – from private businesses to public schools – and this year, we decided to support Hertford Vale C of E Primary School in Scarborough by generously providing them with brand new, state of the art sports kits.

At Customcall, we understand that physical education is key in any child’s development as getting children to enjoy exercise at an early age promotes a healthy lifestyle model for them to follow throughout their lives. It also encourages them to work as a team, communicate with others and has been scientifically proven to help increase concentration within the classroom. Sport can build confidence, friendships and help establish sportsmen and women of the future – as well as stimulating their minds! With this in mind, and in the hopes that we may well be supporting our contractors of the future, we decided to supply them with their 2019 sports kit.

Adorning the school’s official colour – a vibrant blue, therefore matching their regular uniform – and their logo sitting proudly alongside our own, pupils are thrilled with the new kit which will see them through all kinds of activities throughout the year – luckily, they can stand to get a little muddy!

We know that being a parent can be expensive – especially when you must purchase a uniform, a sports kit and utensils, not to mention forking out money for school dinners or packed lunches – so we saw this as an opportunity to take away some of the stress for parents.

Customcall are proud to have extended our hand to help Hertford Vale Primary School and look forward to offering our services and assistance across more schools and businesses in Yorkshire.