Electricians are highly skilled individuals who require both physical strength and mental agility to help ensure their clients’ homes and commercial buildings are safe and fit for purpose. As many electricians will know, however, professionals working in the field often come up against a range of misconceptions that can be detrimental to their field of work. To help you combat any misconceptions your clients may hold about your job, we’ve busted a few myths below:

Myth #1. Any DIY enthusiast can do the work of an electrician

Whilst it may be tempting to try and save money by doing a spot of DIY, electrical work should always be carried out by professionals. Extensive work on electronics and fixtures should be carried out by those with the knowledge and skills to do an effective job in a safe way.

Myth #2. General contractors can carry out electrical work

Again, only electricians should be carrying out work on electrical fixtures and outlets. It is a common misconception that hiring a general contractor is similar to hiring an electrician. Whilst it is true that most contractors have a better understanding of electrical systems than the average member of the public, they tend not to possess the extensive knowledge required to carry out an effective job.

Myth #3. Carrying out electrical work is very risky

Whilst it is true that electricians of the past often worked under risky conditions, there is now an abundance of modern technology available to protect them. Of course, there are some risks that electricians continue to face. Statistically, however, a vast majority of electrical accidents happen to homeowners or members of their family. This is because electricians have robust training designed to alert them of the various risks associated with electricity, as well as the necessary precautions that should be taken to avoid adverse incidents. Electricians are also equipped with special safety gear such as rubber boots and gloves to protect them from current sources.

Myth #4: Electricians are happy to destroy clients’ walls

Although rewiring often requires electricians to take a look inside your walls, they will always try to limit the damage done to walls during this procedure. Fortunately, extensive wall tears are often unnecessary and clients may be surprised at how little damage is sustained after rewiring.