Electrical wiring is one of the most complex tasks that require professional skills. A simple inconvenience can lead to catastrophic results, such as a flicker resulting in electrocution. This is not to say that electrical work is always flawless; even the best of electricians make mistakes. Whether you are an expert or trainee electrician, here are some mistakes to look out for and how to fix them.

Connections outside electrical boxes

Connecting wires outside an electrical box is one of the most common mistakes that electricians make. If you work on public and listed buildings that require frequent repairs or domestic buildings, always ensure that all wirings are in the electrical box. It helps to contain sparks and any short circuit that may occur. Ensure that your electrical box is also the right size to avoid stuffing the wires, an element that may cause overheating.

Having short wires

Cutting wires too short is another common electrical mistake. By having short wires in an industrial building, you run the risk of having faulty connections. If you notice any short wires on your next commercial building inspection, add extensions to make them easier to work with.

Loose outlets and switches

Loose switches and outlets are another electrical hazard to be on the lookout for. Their constant movement makes them a target for getting pulled on, with the result being damaged connections in the wires and overheating. Domestic and industrial buildings may have more of these loose electrical outlets, given they rarely get periodic checks, unlike commercial buildings. To rectify this mistake, tighten the screws to the connection box to ensure they are out of the way.

Unprotected plastic-sheathed cables

Plastic sheathed cables often get damaged when left exposed to framing members. So, whether you are working on public and listed buildings or commercial buildings, ensure that you screw the proper boards to the cable. This should always be the case, especially if the plastic cables run under wall framing or ceilings.

If you come across any of the above hazards, do not hesitate to call expert electricians. Get in touch with Customcall for professional electrical inspection, repairs, and installation.