Whether your commercial or residential building is experiencing wiring issues or dealing with flickering lights, it is essential to hire a professional electrical contractor. Although hiring a handyman for your electrical repairs might save you a lot of money, you might end up with deadly fires, injuries and facing costly lawsuits if the unlicensed electrician does a shoddy job. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional electrical contractor to get the job done right the first time. Here are some reasons why:

Surety bond

A professional electrician will get you a surety bond. Meaning, in case the contractor does a shoddy job or fails to complete the project as agreed, you’ll be compensated. Remember, an electrical project is very sensitive and several things can go wrong if the project is executed haphazardly.

Hence, hiring a professional electrical contractor with liability insurance is an advantage to you. In addition, you’ll be financially protected in the event that the electrician suffers injuries while working on your electrical system. You will also receive compensation in case your property gets damaged during the project.

Excellent job

A professional electrician is properly trained and certified to fix a wide range of electrical problems. In fact, these professionals undergo intensive training on various aspects of electrical systems such as handling installations, repairs, and maintenance. Therefore, when working with a professional electrical contractor, you can rest assured of receiving an excellent job.


Safety is the most important reason why you should leave electrical jobs to professionals. With the right training, experience, and protective gear, DIY electrical fixes can cause serious injuries or even death by electrocution. Furthermore, incorrect repairs can also compromise the safety of a building’s occupants. A professional electrician will not only offer you value for your money, but also a warranty for his services.

Saves Money

It is possible to spend a lot of money on a DIY electrical repair only to discover that the problem has not been fully fixed; this is a waste of company funds. Hiring a professional is one way of ensuring that you stay on budget and avoid spending money inefficiently. DIY fixes might be tempting, but not effective. Moreover, incorrect electrical repair can lead to costly future repairs.

Fully-licenced, professional electrical contractors follow the proper safety protocols when carrying out electrical repairs in residential and commercial buildings. While you might save some quick money by contacting a random handyman in your neighbourhood to replace an outdated electrical system, you might end up paying dearly for cutting shortcuts. Your best bet is to hire a professional electrician who is licenced and certified as an electrical contractor in your area.