If you are an electrician, you might have noticed that you, or your colleagues, encounter some potential health problems over the course of your career. From cardiovascular health to back strength, there are plenty of ways in which you can keep yourself in good nick, prolong your career, and improve your life quality. In this blog, we offer some tips to electricians.

How to maintain a healthier diet

On the face of it, being an electrician might seem like quite a healthy profession. After all, you can be on your feet for most of the day. But when it comes to your diet, it becomes very easy to grab a fry up here or a burger and coffee there. That, combined with a lack of more intense exercise, can leave you facing an obesity problem. Tackle this issue by bringing a lunch box into work, with a sandwich or healthy yet convenient meal which can keep you away from the fried food or desserts.

How to build back strength

Lower back pain might be another familiar foe which you face as an electrician. Negotiating tight spaces, standing up for long periods and lifting big objects can all play their part. You can condition your body to cope with these tasks better by working out your core muscles. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym. How about buying a simple work out mat for home and performing a few exercises such as planks or sit-ups each day? It can make a difference!

How to improve heart health

Did you know that tradesmen such as electricians are understood to be at a higher risk of stroke or heart disease? It’s all because of factors such as noise, stress and secondhand smoke which can be encountered at work. Ensure that you are wearing all the right protective gear, such as face masks or earplugs, when you need to. And if you smoke, why not take steps to quit, which could include nicotine patches or gum?

Whether you operate in an industrial, commercial or residential setting – electricians need to look after themselves during and after work!