Experiencing electrical problems in your commercial building can lead to undesired disruption to your day-to-day business. Being aware of these electrical issues is the first step to ensuring that you don’t suffer from a loss of productivity. Whenever you notice any of these problems, it is advisable to contact your electrician immediately. Here are some of the common electrical problem in commercial setups you should look out for:

1. Spikes and dips

Electrical spikes and dips are caused by fluctuations in power levels where there are occasional surges or drops. The fluxes are common and can usually lead to significant disruption in your facility. In most instances, they are caused by circuit overloads or electrical faults.

2. Damaged or faulty wiring

Damaged and faulty wiring are usually caused by poor installation or improper care. Additionally, it can be as a result of hiring amateur electricians who leave the wires insecure and unprotected. Poor installation exposes wires to human tampering as well as other threats. If ignored, faulty wiring can cause electrical fires.

3. Frequent and unexpected loss of power

Unexplained and frequent power outages in your commercial building are a sign you need to seek the services of an electrician. The problem could be circuit failures within your electrical system.

4. Few outlets

This problem is mainly experienced when a business expands or upgrades its electrical equipment but fails to add more outlets. Such companies usually resort to using extension cords or powers strips, which are potential fire hazards. Whenever your business expands, it is essential to hire a commercial electrician to inspect and make recommendations on the number of additional outlets required.

5. Tripping circuit breakers

This problem is also mainly attributed to an excessive load connected to an electrical circuit. Large power-consuming machines with high wattage can lead to tripping breakers. However, frequent tripping, even under average load, shows that the breaker is defective and should be replaced.

6. Sparking

Minimal sparking when a machine or appliance is plugged in is normal. However, when the sparking continues instead of subsiding, then you could be facing a potentially severe problem. Sparks may melt wires, burn outlets, and cause a fire. In the case of sparking, it is crucial to switch off the main source of power before contacting a licensed electrician to conduct an inspection.

It is important that you take any electrical issue in your commercial building seriously and enlist the help of a professional electrician. For more advice, get in touch today.