Proper electrical installation entails following all safety guidelines, using the right equipment as well as proper maintenance of lighting fixtures. These crucial elements dictate whether you are able to deliver quality results or are simply on a trial and error streak. To understand safety guidelines, you need to know the essential regulations behind electrical work. Below is a list that details some electrical regulations for commercial, domestic as well as public and listed buildings.

Insulation and protection of conductors

Whether you are an electrician working in a domestic or commercial building, insulating conductors is key to avoiding any electrical faults in your area of work. You also need to include warning signs that indicate where the conductors are placed for added protection.

Include measures for cutting off the power supply

Electrical systems are prone to overloads and faulty connections, instances which will require you to allocate measures to cut off the power supply. Ensure that there are ways to isolate faulty equipment, such as providing manual operations. Circuit breakers that prevent damages also come in handy in such scenarios.

Provide efficient lighting in workspaces

Working in commercial buildings can sometimes get crowded, resulting in increased levels of threat. If you work in such areas, ensure that there is enough lighting and space. It makes it easier for safe movement around electrical appliances.

Adequate earthing on all appliances

Conductors can often get charged due to usage or have faulty connections, exposing you to electrical hazards. Protect yourself and other workers from danger by earthing such appliances. You can also use safe voltages or isolate systems while working.

Protection of equipment in adverse weather

Winter and summer months mean cold and dusty conditions for your electrical appliances, but that should not be a cause for concern. Simply cover your equipment when they are not in use to avoid corrosion, adverse temperatures and dirt. Doing this will help you complete any repairs or installations on public and listed buildings while preventing damage to your appliances.

Custom Call adheres to these guidelines while ensuring that your commercial and domestic buildings get professional maintenance and installation for all electrical services.

Photo: Bulbs by amitburst licensed under Creative commons 4