Emerging electrical technologies are quickly changing the world for many electrical contractors; such technology is playing a pivotal role in the electrical construction industry. The electrical construction industry is quickly becoming more automated, connected, and efficient, courtesy of these emerging technologies. Below are some of the electrical construction technologies that are shaping the work of the electrical industry.

1. Robotics

Automation has transformed many industries, and electrical construction is no exception to this. Many electrical contractors are now turning to robotics and automation technologies. As an electrical contractor, such technologies can improve your safety as well as that of your co-workers; they can additionally aid in improving efficiency. For example, you can set up a wireless underground cable cutter that you can control remotely, leading to less manual maintenance and loss of time.

2. The smart grid

The electrical grid is getting smarter and transforming the work of electrical contractors. Modern grids now have sensors and other similar smart technologies. This enables utility companies and their customers alike to access more detailed information on energy usage. With such information, solutions to control energy usage can be devised. As an electrical contractor, you will play a key role to enable a transition to the smart grid.

3. Wearables

Electrical contractors use wearable devices to enhance safety. A recent example is Proxxi, a bracelet with a built-in sensor that vibrates when you come too close to high-voltage electricity. Apparel such as SolePower’s smart boots have lighting, GPS, cloud connectivity, and can also sense temperature. The boots can additionally warn you about overheating, falls, and your proximity to hazards. They’re self-charging, too!

4. Energy-efficient lighting (LED) technologies

LEDs are a significant development in lighting technology. These lamps incorporate PCBs and other components and are much more efficient and durable compared to other lamps. Soon LEDs will be more prominent and, when this happens, new fresh designs will be created. To improve their efficiency, other technologies will be integrated into lighting fixtures. Remote-controlled smart lamps will also emerge, and will be able to adapt to their users’ habits – more like what smart thermostats do today.

Final thoughts

The above are just four of the many emerging electrical construction technologies that every electrical contractor needs to know. As an electrical contractor, you’ll know of the technologies you encounter on the job – and how they change constantly. You’ll see more technologies that enable improved energy efficiency as well as data collection and analysis. New technology will also be pioneered to enhance the safety, productivity, and efficiency of both yourself and your colleagues and clients. Since you are in the industry, it would be wise to familiarise yourself with future technological trends that can enhance your career.