Electrical professionals are a wily bunch, and over the years certain methods of making life a little bit easier have become something of an “insider secret”. But now you too can benefit from them, with these three key tips to help make your career as an electrician more comfortable and convenient.

1. Avoiding “insulation itch”

As an electrician you’ll be spending a lot of time on the “wrong” side of walls. Behind walls there’s usually all manner of nasty sawdust and insulation to be found. Proper face masks and goggles are essential, but your skin can still be prone to irritation – otherwise known as “insulation itch”. The secret is to carry a small container of baby powder with you. Give your exposed skin a little coating, including a bit under your collar and sleeves, and around your face. This protective layer will stop direct contact of irritants to your skin.

2. Carry a powerful magnet

A strong magnet is invaluable for a variety of reasons when you’re working as an electrician. Finding wires, for example, as well as running new wires and ensuring everything lines up. You can even use a magnet as an improvised stud finder – just attach to a length of string and dangle the magnet – it will respond to anything behind the wall that’s ferrous. And unlike stud finders, it won’t drain through batteries at an alarming rate. That magnet and string can also come in handy as a retrieval method if you happen to drop something in a tight space.

3. Velcro device holder

You’ll often be working alone, which means there’s going to be times you wish you had a third, fourth, and even fifth hand – particularly when you need your tester while both hands are occupied. The solution is to sew a velcro patch onto your sleeves and glue the corresponding velcro patch to your tester. This means you can easily stick it on your arm in easy view, while your hands remain free to work with. You can stick all manner of devices there, and interchange them as they’re needed depending on what you’re doing.